Monday, September 22, 2008

surprise sweet 16 henna

The birthday girl had NO IDEA I was coming. And I did not know that it was a surprise. So when I got out of the car to see several girls outside of the house, and said that I was the henna artist... she was so excited!!!
I was there for hours and had fun doing so much henna on so many girls, many of whom are into gymnastics, so they had fabulous bodies, and wanted beautiful things to flaunt :)


Anonymous said...

I like your work, you have really proved the diversity in the patterns and brought the smile on many faces.
A small suggestion is when you are using religious symbols please be careful. I noticed that you have put om on someone's feet. It is not appropriate. In Hindu religion it is a sacred letter. Good luck for your future projects.

lindsey starr said...

Thank you Mista. I appreciate your praise and your comments. I did not know about an om being inappropriate where I put it on the lower leg. I will certainly be more careful!